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  • Ethanol Fuel - The Controversy Behind It

    Over the last few years more and more alternatives for petrol have been sought. As oil reserves run out, petrol prices rise and the climate continues [...]

  • Helios: A Solar-Powered Glider

    Inspired by the £50 000 Kremer prize for human-powered flight, Paul MacCready began a long career of aircraft innovation. The “Gossamer Condor,”[...]

  • Creating an Indoor Garden

    An indoor garden can be more than ornamental. You can also add some edible crops, which can save you some money during the fall and winter. The basics[...]

  • Going Green? Where is my Green!!!

    Some environmental government initiatives are well known; bottle deposit and refund programs are immediately visible to the consumer, a[...]

  • Hydrogen Bombing To Prevent Global Warming?

    Climate change is one of the largest and most problematic environmental issues that could ever be addressed, with many scientists racing to be the fir[...]